Casa do Vale das Hortas

“Casa do Vale das Hortas” was once one of the largest weaving centers of the Alcoutim municipality. According to available data, in mid-1977, this weaving center was equipped with four looms, Jacquard’s type handled only by men and that have replaced the previous hand looms, used mainly by women. With the modern times, this activity was abandoned until the early 1990s. At that time, the recovery of the facilities was started.

However, such restoration works were never completed. In mid-2007, the recovery of the house was resumed, now under a new command, this time to transform this beautiful place into a rural tourism house. These works were completed in April 2008.


“Casa do Vale das Hortas” is composed of six rooms, all with private bathrooms, air conditioning and TV. We provide three common rooms, a fireplace and a bar. The house has a traditional kitchen with a terrace that also serves as a roof, muslim influence, called “roof terrace”. The house has a salt water pool, private parking and a beautiful garden with typical products that, whenever possible, are served to the customers.